Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lancaster County

Today brought the first part of this summer's journey. I write tonight from one of the most beautiful farmhouses of Lancaster County I have ever seen. A little lake lies behind the house and we've been fairly 'warned' of the menagerie that will likely be waiting for us outside in the morning.
Travel is rarely uneventful, and today proved to be no exception. Saying good-bye to Travis this morning was a little more difficult than I anticipated. I think people in the security checkpoint line got a little annoyed when I cut out to say good-bye to him for the second... third... sixth time. I'm sure I looked equally as ridiculous running through O'Hare with only ten minutes between touch-down and take-off of my two flights. In any event, I made it here, bags and all, which is unfortunately more than can be said for some other members of the 2007 Hope Intern Team. Between lost bags and missed flights, we all finally arrived tonight a bit exhausted.
Despite some setbacks in travel and luggage, we are in excellent company. Chris, who has coordinated all of the internships, turns out to be a huge fan of The Bachelor. And other members of Hope are avid American Idol fans. I'm not sure that Chris shares my appreciation for Tessa or that other members of the staff are still a bit bitter over Melinda being voted off, but at least we share excellent taste in prime time viewing. Ok - on a more serious note, the company I am in is truly amazing. The other women interns I have met are incredible. Their stories, hopes, and ambitions are inspiring and encouraging. And the Hope staff are the epitomes of humble and giving servants. It is exactly the heart of a team I had hoped to be a part of.
All that being said, I'm looking forward to the next two days of training. On the agenda are learning more about this amazing organization, becoming familiarized with Hope's programs and mission, and of course, a bit of Lancaster County tourism before we depart the country for our summer work on Saturday.

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